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Eduard Arning Collection


The photographs were taken by Dr. Eduard Arning between 1883 and 1886. Dr. Arning was a microbiologist hired by the Board of Health to study leprosy. During his time in Hawaii he made a large collection of artifacts and, as an amateur photographer, took pictures wherever he went. He made at least 237 glass plates as well as a catalog that documented the place and time of each image. The catalog is included with the photo collection.

The photographs were discovered by Dr. Adrienne L. Kaeppler in the Hamburgisches Museum fur Volkerkunde in 1994. All 237 glass plates were printed and the images constitute the Arning Collection of the Hawaiian Historical Society. For more information see Adrienne L. Kaeppler, "Notes & Queries," Hawaiian Journal of History, 29 (1995): 179-183.

Subjects of the images include:

Honolulu harbor scenes
Beaches, shores, and rivers
Landscapes: Oahu, Maui, Hawaii, Kauai, Molokai, incl. volcano scenes
Gardens and parks
Public buildings incl. Iolani Palace with dancers
People: Hawaiians and others individually and in groups
Groups of people at Immigration Station
Military activity
Studio portraits
Schools and students
Heiau: Oahu, Molokai
Groups from New Hebrides

Collection Items

Judge Kauila and Family
Judge Kauila and family on the black sand beach at Kaimū in Puna, Hawai‘i Island, September 17, 1885. Photo by Eduard Arning. HHS #1.179.

Japanese Immigrants
Japanese immigrants photographed at the Honolulu Immigration Station, February 15, 1885.

Cleghorn's --? Manoa Valley --? Snapshot

Cleghorn's garden, grove of palms, Princess Likelike and --?

Mat Design
Mat design in possession of Princess Likelike 'moena makaloa paawehe' Cat. 1. No. 429 --? [back of photo: 'Niihau mat cf 1.108']

Mat design in possession of Princess Likelike 'moena makaloa paawehe.' Cat. 1. No. 430 --? [back of photo: 'Niihau mat cf 1.108']

Mat design in possession of Princess Likelike 'moena makaloa paawehe.' Cat. 1. No. 431 --? [back of photo: 'Niihau mat in possession of Princess Likelike, 1885']

Holani Hale garden

Leper Settlement

Kalawao, Molokai
Leper Settlement, Father Damien's house and church

Frontal view from the crater

North coast [back of photo: Molokai, windward side, surf at 90 degree height, basalt coast

Surf at the path from Kalawao to Waikolu

Crater between Kalawao and Kalaupapa. View from the gap towards the south

Reik's house in the crater

Crater from the middle of the northwestern cliff

Ruins of old heiau in foreground. Pali between Kalawao and Waikolu seen from the opposite side of Waikolu Bay towards the west.
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