Ladonia Hoover Photograph Album

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Ladonia Hoover Photograph Album


Ladonia Hoover Photograph Album (1917). Gift from Judy Elder, 1996. Size: 6” x 8 1/2” tapa covered, tied with leather cord.

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color postcard

color postcard

Illustration with legend "City of Honolulu, and the Crossroads of the Pacific"

Illustration with legend, "On the Beach at Waikiki, Diamond Head, Honolulu"

Color postcard with legend, "Kilauea, World's Greatest Active Volcano"

Illustration with legend, "The Great Fern Forest Closely Adjoins the Hotel"

Illustration with legend, "Honolulu, the Capital City, is the Real 'Crossroads of the Pacific'"

Printed illustration of the Hawaiian Hotel, built in 1872.

Printed illustration of a scene from the pageant, "Landing of Kamehameha"

Printed illustration clipped from an unidentified publication

Picture of papaya tree clipped from an unidentified printed publication
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