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Very probably Nauru before 1900, by appearance of group. Delaporte was the missionary there. This could also be Ocean Island (Banaba) at the same period, well known to Alfred Walkup. John Garrett. June 1993

Marshallese? group at Mwot School, Kosrae, more likely Gilbertese, Kiribati Island. John Garrett. June 1993.

Nauru? (which is not Kosrae)Could be early picture from the Phosphate Island of Nauru before the discovery of phosphate there? John Garrett. June 1993

Almost certainly John - see head shape in other pictures with identification. John Garrett. June 1993

Note incised tattooing. John Garrett. June 1993.

Buildings around 1900 were probably warehouse and original site of printing press. John Garrett. June 1993.

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